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A bingo hall and bingo  parlor are essentially the same thing. The distinction is that a bingo hall has more of an age old association with churches and church halls; the bingo hall is considered to be more a form of adult entertainment. These differences meant more in the 1960s and 1970s, when there was likely to be more smoking and unseemly, degenerate or desperate looking characters in the bingo parlor. The bingo hall which was more likely to be associated with the local church.

In some states in the United States, such as the Arkansas, the rules that applied to bingo  parlors are the same that apply today to strip clubs Ė nobody under 18 is allowed to play. Bingo halls of course would be filled with nice little old ladies playing to raise money for charity. Still, nowadays the distinctions between a bingo hall and bingo parlor is next to nothing. Both terms are used casually to refer to a place where you can play bingo.

The Dangers of Playing Bingo

Bingo Halls - Where to Play BingoAs you canít necessarily tell one of these establishments by its cover it is probably best to ask around and get some word-of-mouth feedback from friends, neighbors and habitual bingo players to find out where the best place to play is. Some bingo halls and bingo parlors are definitely seedier than others. These are located in areas where people are desperate to buy into the fantasy that they can solve their lifestyle problems by winning a big bingo jackpot.

Unfortunately in these areas, there are more and more incidents of crime reported as bingo winners are knifed and robbed for the small amounts of cash that they have been won at bingo. This is why before you choose a bingo parlor or hall to play in you should choose a venue that is not located in a dangerous area of town.

Playing bingo in a church hall is not necessarily a protection from robbery or harassment from criminal. If the exterior of the bingo hall or parlor is not well lit or known to have jackpots its players are definitely a target for crime.

Go Where the Money Is

Another consideration before you play bingo might be how popular the bingo hall or parlor might be. Most bingo operations are based on a par-mutuel system. This means that the operators or organizers of the game must base the size of their winning jackpots on the amount of bingo tickets sold or on the price of admission. In many cases, prizes are based on a combination of these two factors.

Obviously, the more people that attend the establishment, the more games you will have to win a jackpot. Another plus is that when there is more people, the jackpots are naturally more lucrative simply because they are bigger.

If you are an experienced bingo player you might also be interested in a bit of novelty when you play. Some bingo games definitely have more interesting sessions then others. For instance, some church hall type bingo  games may not necessarily feature interesting patterns such as a U a T or an S shape as the winning bingo pattern.

If you are easily bored by playing Four Corners and Diagonal and Straight Lines then you might want to play in a more commercial venue. Bingo games that are held every day rather than once a week or even less tend to have more game variations.

Where Does the Money Go?

Another thing that you might consider before you play bingo is what charity, organization or branch of the government is your investment in the game funding. Although it is unlikely that you will find a cause that is completely politically incorrect, it is possible you might be more comfortable playing bingo to build a hospital wing for lung cancer patients then you would be to fund a poetry festival dedicated to beer.

If where you put your money is a concern you can always phone the bingo hall or bingo parlor and ask them what kind of good works their jackpots go to. In some countries the lotteries are actually required by law to provide you with a written accounting of where money will go and where it has gone in the past to fund projects.

Online Bingo

However if making big money is one of your prime directives, realize that it is not really possible to do this playing bingo in a hall. This is because a hall or parlor cannot sustain enough people to support a large jackpot. Usually the largest jackpots are never more than about $2000 and most won prizes are below a $100.

To win the really big bucks playing bingo  you may have to play online. Only online could you be playing bingo in real time with 50,000 other players. Not only are jackpots a lot larger because of the number of players, many online bingo operations also offer very large fixed jackpots. The best part of playing online bingo is that you donít even have to leave the house to play it.

You donít have to even get out of your pajamas.

If you really want to find a great place to play in a brick and mortar bingo hall, check out this guide to bingo halls for as complete a listing as I've seen on the Internet. And here's another great website where you can learn more about online bingo. Chock full of good information!

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