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This site has a lot of articles about keno already written, and more articles and tips are planned. This page is here to organize and index those pages so that they're easy to find. A list of links to the keno articles and a brief description of each of them follows:

The History of Keno - Probably pretty easy to figure out what this page is about just from the name of the link, but in case it doesn't, the article examines the history of the game of keno.

Keno Terms - This is basically a glossary of terms and phrases used when playing keno.

The Keno Lounge - Covers what to expect and how to act in the keno lounge.

How to Place Keno Bets - KenoAgain, exactly what it says. If you want to learn how to bet on keno, you'll find the details for the action.

Keno Odds - If you're interested in probabilities and odds as they relate to keno, then this is the article for you.

The Wikipedia article about keno is worth taking a look at too. It's a community edited article written entirely by volunteers.

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