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Edge Ticket
– This describes a ticket where all of the numbers marked are on the edge of the ticket.

Exacta -- A keno ticket that is good for two games, sometimes offering a special bonus payout on certain numbers or outcomes.

Free Play -- A keno ticket that gives you the chance to play again rather than a cash payoff if you win a certain kind of selected play.

Group -- A collection of spots that are circled on a ticket.

Hit -- A number marked on a ticket matching that of a drawn number.

Inside Ticket -- This is the name for a ticket that has been marked by the player and turned into the Keno window. The ticket is “inside” while the player is waiting for the verified computer print out of his or her selected numbers.

Keno DefinitionsJackpot -- The amount of "bonus" money, that is paid off as the top prize in a progressive game of keno.

Keno Board -- Also known as the "Big Board," it is the display that shows the numbers drawn for each game of keno. It can be found in various locations in the casino such as the keno lounge, the casino, lobby, bars and anywhere else that players might be found.

Keno Lounge -- This is a centralized area where participants can sit, relax and watch the casino’s computer or apparatus divine the winning numbers. games. In the lounge you will find all the necessary things that you need to play the games such as brochures, blank keno tickets and crayons.

Keno Writer – This is the nickname the "clerk" who accepts the wagers, pays off the winners, prints the tickets, and interacts with the customers and the keno runners.

King -- One single number that is circled on a keno ticket.

Left-Right Ticket -- A ticket where the player bets on whether numbers drawn will be on the left side or right side of the ticket.

Multi Game Keno Ticket – This is a ticket, which can be used for a number of keno games, sometimes as many as a thousand.

Paybook -- This is a brochure that explains the rules of the games as well as the casino’s payout structure. It is usually found in the keno lounge or at the keno windows and counters.

Payoff -- The amount of money a player gets paid when he wins.

Pay Table -- A printed or posted schedule detailing the payoffs for each individual winning scenario.

Progressive -- A game where the top prize is not automatically won at the conclusion of each game, but instead continues to increase in value until that ultimate prize is won.

Quick Pick -- A ticket where the player chooses the option of having the casino's computer generate the selection of numbers, as opposed to the player himself making those selections manually.

Random Number Generator -- A program designed to select numbers at random for a keno game.

RNG Game -- A keno game that uses a random number generator to draw the numbers.

Runner -- An employee that picks up wagers and pays winnings to people who are sitting in areas of the casino other than the keno lounge.

Spot - A number that is marked by the player on a ticket.

Top-Bottom Ticket -- Type of ticket where the player bets on the top 40 numbers or bottom 40, and gets paid depending on how many of them hit.

Video Keno -- Keno, which is played on an electronic machine, and is governed by a random number generator.

Wager -- The amount the player decides to put at risk in a keno game.

Way -- Another method of betting on a keno ticket, usually the product of grouping two or more numbers or spots on a combination ticket.

Way Ticket -- A ticket, which allows for many different wagers - groups or combinations of numbers - creating a number of different "ways" a player can win.

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