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The Arizona Lottery provides players with over 20 different scratch tickets along with 4 online games and has been the most significant contributor to state run projects and charities. Arizona was the first state west of Mississippi who was able to provide a legal state-administered lottery when it was first introduced in 1980.

The Arizona Lottery almost failed to launch when the approval rate came in at a 51-49 percent vote among public officials. Once it was approved, over 2,000 grocers and convenience stores jumped on board to sell the first ever scratchers. The scratchers were introduced on July1 1981, with the first game “Scratch It Rich”. This game held a top prize of $10,000 and literally blew everyone away with 21.4 million tickets sold, which meant it sold out in its first 10 days of being released.

Arizona Lottery GamesOver the last 30 years the Arizona State Lottery has raised over $2 billion for state programs and charities through these games. The funds have been used to develop outreach centers, help endangered wildlife and countless other publicly funded projects.

Arizona Scratchers

Since the original scratcher, Arizona has created over 20 various games with each ticket supporting a different theme and game. They have even created some based on popular casino slot games such as the Lucky7’s, Instant 7’s. The most popular games based on ticket sales were the Crosswords, Bingo, and Match until the Arizona Lottery introduce the Win for Life. This game offered players a new concept to the scratchers that the other games don’t. All you have to do is uncover three money bags and you will win $1000 a month for the rest of your life. Scratchers can be purchased starting at $1 and from there you will find tickets costing $2, $3, $5, or $10 with the top jackpot available to be won totaling $100,000.

Taxes Paid

Taxes Paid, offers a large jackpot of $100,000 by simply scratching off a gold bar and uncovering the $100,000 prize beside it. This game is available for a cost of $10 and offers players the chance to win up to 20 times on one ticket. You can also win $50 instantly by scratching three money bags.

The Pick Family

The Pick games was Arizona’s first jackpot game introduced back in 1984, and within the first year it exceeded all expectations in sales reaching $26.4 million. This game eventually grew to become one of the most widely played online games across the state. Pick3 gives players the chance to win millions by choosing six numbers and matching them during the nightly draws.

The Pick game can be played four different ways:

  • Straight – Winning ticket must match the numbers drawn in order.
  • Box Straight – Winning Ticket can be read from left to right or right to left.
  • Front Pair – Winning ticket matches the first two numbers.
  • Back Pair – Winning ticket matches the last two numbers

Arizona Pick3

Pick3 is the first game in the “The Pick” family with a top prize of $500. This game is very simple and can be played up to six nights a week. To play, simply fill out a slip at your local retailer and select 3 numbers. You will then decide if you want to play the game Straight, Box Straight, Front Pair or Back Pair. The cost is as low as $1 and you can even choose two lines for the cost of one. If you do decide to play two lines your $500 prize for selecting the right numbers will be reduced to $250. To win the jackpot of $500 you will need to purchase a Straight Pick3 and match all three numbers in sequence.

Arizona Pick5

Pick5 (also known as Fanatsy5) was introduced in 1991, and originally had a top prize of $50,000. The Arizona Lottery changed it so now the jackpot starts at $50,000 and can grow from there. The jackpot will climb each week until a player wins by matching all 5 numbers in the correct order. This game is also available at just $1 per line and is offered Monday-Saturday. Don’t worry if you don’t match all 5 numbers, you can still win consolation prizes. By matching 4 numbers you can claim a $100 prize and 3 numbers will give you a $5 win.

Pick Extra

This is an addition to both Pick 3 and Pick 5 where you can win instantly up to $250. When buying either Pick games ask your lottery retailer for the ‘Extra” option which costs $1 more. This gives you an additional five numbers in the Pick5 and six numbers in the Pick3. Match the numbers according to the payouts and you could easily win an instant $250.Pick Extra also allows you to choose your own numbers if you would prefer it not to be a quick pick.

Arizona Powerball

The Arizona State Lottery also participates in the Powerball which is a multi-state lottery with prize pools that have literally broken all records and paid out hundreds of millions to ticket holders. To play, simply fill out the Powerball slip at your retailer or ask for a quick pick. There are nine different ways to win in the Powerball and besides the top prize of the state-wide jackpot, players can still win up to $200,000 by matching all four white balls.

The lottery has created a game for all players with multiple scratchers to choose from in a wide range of prices. Each of the games are designed to be unique and you can even find a few with 3 – 1 odds on them.

With the sales of these tickets and the state-wide jackpots, the Arizona Lottery has been able to set up programs to help local organizations including families. These funds have built parks, created after school programs for children and provided over $160 million to assist with low income housing projects since the lottery first started.

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