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The Colorado Lottery

The Colorado Lottery was created in 1982 when the General Assembly passed a bill allowing a state-supervised lottery. What this meant was the Colorado Lottery was developed under the Colorado Department of Revenue. Since then they have wanted to maintain a high level of integrity and fair gaming among players and have always confirmed if the general public is in favour of the lottery. Over the last 20 years, the Colorado continues to send out polls to the people within the state asking that very question. As of 2004, the states poll showed an overwhelming 84% approval rating.

Gambling Games at Golden CasinoSince the first ticket sold in 1982, the Colorado Lottery has been able to generate over $1.7 billion for parks, conservation education and wildlife preservation. They recently held a 25th Anniversary and to mark the occasion the Lottery Director Peggy Gordon provided the State Governor Bill Ritter with a check in the amount of $1.92 billion.

During an official media release the governor said “Colorado Lottery dollars have touched every corner of Colorado – from funding a skate park in the tiny town of Crowley, to developing Cheyenne Mountain State Park in Colorado Springs. The Lottery has created more than 366 millionaires over the past quarter century. But the real winners are Colorado businesses, communities and visitors who will reap the benefits of Lottery proceeds for generations to come.”

As of today they feature over 20 scratch tickets in circulation with new ones released each month and offer three online games including progressive jackpot lotteries. Players can also take advantage of the Second Chance Drawings which allow you to enter non winning tickets for cash prizes as well.

Colorado Cash5

The Colorado Cash 5 was first released in 1996 and became an instant hit among players because of the ability to win five different ways and the Cash 5 boasts a better win rate ratio than any other game offered by the Colorado Lottery.

To play Cash 5 players will need to choose five numbers from 1 through 32. Each play costs $1 and you can play up to five boards on one ticket. To win you will need to match 2, 3, 4, or all 5 of your numbers to the numbers drawn. The top prize available in the Colorado Cash 5 is $20,000 and the game is available to be played six nights a week.

Your odds at winning any prize are a 1:6.2 while your overall odds at winning the jackpot are 1:201,376.

Colorado Lotto

To play the lotto you can either fill out a playslip with your favourite numbers or ask the store clerk for a quick pick. If creating your own numbers you will need to mark six numbers from 1 and 42. Each ticket costs $1 and you can play up to five games per ticket. To win the jackpot you will need to match all six numbers during that night’s drawing.

The Colorado Lottery also provides a MyLottery club for their members. There is no charge to join and you simply submit your name and email address on the lottery website. You will then receive all the numbers from previous draws in your email inbox along with updates to new games scheduled to be released along with the opportunity to participate in surveys.

Colorado Lottery Headquarters

Players can redeem their winning lottery tickets at any lottery retailer up to $600. If you have a winning ticket that is above $600 you will need to visit the Lottery Headquarters in person or you can send you winning tickets through the mail.

Colorado Headquarters
212 West 3rd Street, Suite 210
Pueblo, CO 81003
Denver Office
720 S. Colorado Blvd.
Suite 110A Denver, CO 80246

Grand Junction Office
State Office Building
222 S. 6th St., Room 112
Grand Junction, CO 81501

Fort Collins Office
1121 West Prospect Road
Building D
Fort Collins, CO 80526-5664

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