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The Delaware Lottery

Gambling Games at Golden CasinoThe Delaware Lottery started in 1975 in a less traditional way than most of the other lotteries in the United States. The Delaware lottery's first game was the "LOTTO Superfecta", which was a weekly game based on live horse races held at Brandywine and Harrington Raceways. Less than a year later they introduced instant win games. These new lottery games were a huge success.

30 years later, the Delaware Lottery has been successful in helping the people of the state through their significant financial contributions to the General Fund. This fund has been established to help the state with many different services and publicly funded projects such as public health and education while keeping tax dollars low. Since 1975, the Delaware Lottery has contributed over $256 million dollars the fund with the help of over 500 supporting retailers across the state.

The Delaware LotteryThe Delaware lottery now offers online games, Powerball, and instant win tickets. In 1995 and 1996, the lottery introduced video lottery games (which look like "slot machines) at the three racetracks in the state: Delaware Park, Dover Downs and Harrington Raceway's Midway Slots.

Multi Way Win Lottery Games in Delaware

The Multi Way Win gives you a few different ways to win. First you must select six numbers between 1 and 35 either with a payslip or asking for a quick pick. Each ticket is available for $2 each and as a bonus you get to play three lines for the price of one. Each Multi Way ticket allows you to choose the first line and the lottery terminal will randomly produce the additional two lines for you.

You can win by matching all six numbers on one line which results in the jackpot being won as well as 3, 4, or 5 numbers for consolation prizes. A combination win is when you match 3, 4, 5, or 6 numbers on any three lines. Multi Way win awards you a prize of $2 for not making any matches on your ticket.

Mid-Day3 and Play 3

Mid-Day3 and Play 3 is offered daily with two chances to win each day. The Mid-Day is drawn early afternoon while the Play3 numbers are drawn in the evenings. This is one of the easiest lottery games to play.

Tickets are available at a cost of 0.50 - $5 and allow you to choose 3 numbers from 1 through 9. You will than need to decide how you want to play those numbers with the options mentioned below. Each option provides a different jackpot. With a 0.50 wager you can win a maximum jackpot of $250 by playing a straight.

Straight: Match the winning three-digit number in exact order.

Box: Match the winning three-digit number in any order.
Super Straight: Match the winning combination in any order, win a Straight payout. (Only available on 50˘ and $1.00 wagers.)

Back-Up: Wager in even-dollar increments only, from $1.00 to $5.00 per ticket. Half your wager is straight, half your bet is boxed.

Pair: Match the first two, last two or first and last digit of the three-digit number in exact order.

Mid-Day4 and Play4

Mid-Day4 and Play4 is played just like Mid-Day3 and Play 3 Lottery except this game offers a much bigger jackpot. To play, simply choose four numbers between 1 through 9 and how you would like your ticket to play. Your options for wagering are listed below and matching all four numbers betting on a straight pays up to $25,000.

Mid-Day4 and Play4 tickets are available at a cost of 50˘ to $5.00 per ticket. Drawings are held in the evenings from Monday through Friday.

Straight: Match the winning four-digit number in exact order.

Box: Match the winning four-digit number in any order.

Super Straight: Match the winning combination in any order, win a straight payout. (Only available on 50˘ and $1.00 wagers.)

Back-Up: Wager in even-dollar increments only, from $1.00 to $5.00 per ticket. Half your wager is straight, half your wager is boxed.

The Video Lottery in Delaware

The Video Lottery was introduced to the state in 1995 at the Delaware Park and Dover Downs Raceway. Through the Video Lottery, the Delaware Lottery has been able to supply over 5,000 online Video Lottery machines not including the additional 1,500+ available at the Harrington raceway.

These machines have also contributed to the General Fund along with the traditional games offered, with proceeds in excess of $1.28 billion.

The Delaware lottery provides players with an online Player’s Club which provides you up to date news including recent winning numbers directly to your email inbox each day. You can also use this service to purchase lottery tickets online. Details can be found on the Delaware Lottery website.

Where To Claim Your Delaware Lottery Prize

For prizes valued between $600 to $5000 you can redeem your ticket at the Division of Revenue located in Delaware:

Division of Revenue
Carvel State Office Building
9th & French Streets
Wilmington, DE 19801
302-577-3000 1-800-292-7826 (in DE only)

If your winnings are $5,001 or more, you can claim your prize at the Delaware Lottery Office. You will need to provide photo ID along with your social security card for tax purposes.

The Delaware Lottery Office is located at:

Delaware Lottery
1575 McKee Road, Suite 102
Dover, DE 19904

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