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The Lottery in Georgia

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The Georgia Lottery is a particularly profitable lottery run out of Atlanta by the Georgia Lottery Corporation. This gaming venture takes in a whopping one billion US dollars each year.

It was created to rescue the state’s floundering educational system in 1992. It now largely subsidizes the school system. However, originally the lottery was intended to supplement and not replace the state taxes that usually support education.

Proceeds from the Georgia lottery also fund the HOPE scholarship, which is the much-imitated model for many other scholarships that funded by lotteries in other states.

The History of Lotto South

Georgia Lottery GamesGeorgia used to have its own state lottery but it disappeared five years. Initially the state had its own weekly jackpot game called Lotto Georgia. This lottery later merged with two other states, Kentucky and Virginia, to become Lotto South.

Lotto South was launched in September 2001 to offset lagging lottery ticket sales and a lack of interest in gaming in general. Its creators successfully enlarged the lottery’s pot by pooling the money from lottery ticket sales for all three states into one.

How Lotto South Works

Lotto South is a typical “pick 6” type game. To play the game, a player pays one dollar and picks six distinct numbers from 1 to 49. The odds of winning any prize in this game are quite good at 1:54.

Typically, three matching numbers wins about four dollars, four matching numbers win $50 and five numbers win anywhere from $600 to $1000. Of course, during lotteries where a lot of tickets are sold, these prizes could substantially rise in amount. However, your odds of matching all six numbers to win the grand prize is 1: 13,983,816.

All of the jackpots that are estimated for the Lotto South draws are calculated using pari-mutual estimates. This means that the jackpot is calculated on the expectation of how many tickets will sell from it. This is precisely why the three states merged to create this lottery.

Individually, the state lotteries were offering smaller cash prizes that just did not dazzle their residents. They wanted a bigger pool of prize money to give back to the public, so people would be more attracted to the idea of playing.

Jackpot Options

Those who win the jackpot have the option of receiving an annuity prize (an amount paid out annually) or a lump sum amount. The minimum jackpot prize is a $2 million annuity disbursed in thirty annual payments. Players can also opt to have the amount paid all at once as a lump sum but if this happens then they can also claim about fifty percent of the payment.

If no one wins the jackpot, then money then rolled over the drawing’s next prize pool. The fact that jackpots can go unclaimed several draws in a row accounts for how the Georgia lottery can get so large.

Fantasy 5

Georgia also offers a Fantasy 5 game which (like California, Florida and Michigan) is played with 39 numbers. Only the state of Arizona offers better odds, with a Fantasy 5 game played with 35 numbers. Fantasy 5 is a five-number on-line drawing game that is drawn every weeknight. The jackpots for Fantasy 5 are typically in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Georgia also has a once-daily Fantasy 5 game, as well as the twice-daily Cash 3 and Cash 4 games. These games, which are drawn at ten in the morning and then again at ten at night, the player is encouraged to choose 4 or 5 numbers. These can be played in either a straight, boxed or straight and boxed manner. Tickets for these lotteries cost only a dollar but the payouts are not as high as the six number lottos that are available in the state.

Mega Millions

Another favorite lottery of the people in Georgia is the Mega Millions Lottery, which is run by a multi-state organization that consists of 29 other states including Texas, Ohio and Florida. Mega Millions is a popular semi-national lottery that also divides up its funds to be distributed among participating states to fund education.

To play Mega Millions the player must pick 5 numbers from a list of numbers that are listed 1 through 56. The "mega millions" aspect comes from a final number, called a Mega number, from a list of numbers that are 1 through 46.

The ticket is divided into two panels with both lists of numbers, which are clearly marked. This makes it is easy to distinguish the 5 number list from the Mega Number List. The game costs $1 per play. You may up to 20 extra plays and pay to have them all played in one drawing. The draw for this lottery is held Tuesday and Friday at 8pm.

Scratch and Win Games

Georgia also offers its citizens a large variety of Scratch and Win games. Scratch and Win games are lottery games that you scratch off a top layer of filmy latex on a card that you can buy over the counter to see if you won a prize. The prizes on Scratch and Win type cards are smaller than other lottery games, but there are better odds. One in five of scratch- off tickets is known to pay off one way or another.

Georgia changes its games every couple of months. There are currently 37 different types of scratch games that range in price from one dollar to five dollars. Most are based on other common games such as Bingo, Tic Tac Toe and Keno. Go visit their official site for more information about the Georgia lottery. You can also get updated Georgia lottery results here.

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