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Indiana Lottery has held the record for Powerball winners in the nation with two sales of the top 5 jackpots. As of to date the Lottery has provided 34 players with winning Powerball tickets making them instant multi millionaires.

The Indiana Lottery was first created in 1989 with a 60% vote allowing them to introduce the very first scratch offs on October 13th 1989. On the first day they sold over 8.19 million which jumped to $21.8 million in ticket sales revenue by the very next week. The scratch offs were such a hit they the Indiana Lottery launched the Hoosier Millionaire show less than two weeks with the first Lotto Cash draw held on May 5th 1990. The new lottery game was welcomed by players and as such the Indiana Lottery has been creating new additions consistently for the past 19 years.

Indiana state residents hit the lottery as well through ticket sales. During 2005 the lotteries exceed all sales and broke records with over $739 million revenue generated for the Hoosier Lottery during that year. This meant that the residents of Indiana seen over $2.7 billion go towards the states projects and development funds. Such projects include Build Indiana Fund, Teachers’ Retirement Fund and the Police and Fire Pension Relief Fund.

Scratch Offs

The Scratch off was the first lottery game introduced by the Hoosier lottery and is still one of the top selling games as far as revenue is concerned. There are well over 20 different games for you to choose from all with various prices ranging from $1 up to $20.The best part about the scratch offs is they are an instant win ticket and don’t require you to wait for a draw. The prizes can range from a jackpot of a couple hundred dollars to the most recent “Tax Million” where players could literally walk away a million dollars richer.

In 2007, the Hoosier Lottery reinvented their line of scratch offs with each game themed from the 70’s era. Each game has become a top seller and with such names as Twister, Jestson’s, It’s a Wonderful Life you know they will be filled with great prizes and entertainment.

The Hoosier Lotto

The Hoosier Lotto is Indiana’s number one state wide online game. It features a massive jackpot which continues to grow. The Lotto starts at $1 million for the first two draws and is increased by a whopping $500,000 each draw where a winner has not been declared.

Each ticket is worth a $1 and gives you a choice of selecting your own 6 numbers or asking the store clerk for a quick pick which is a random generated ticket. You can purchase this game in advance for up to 10 draws making sure you will never miss out on your shot at millions. The Hoosier lotto is drawn every (dates).

Daily 3 and Daily 4

Both of these games were introduced in July of 1990 and give you the chance to win up to $500 on a $1 ticket. There are numerous betting options for this game with each method providing a different payout. When selecting your numbers you will need to check for a straight (means your ticket wins when you match the numbers in the corresponding order), playing a boxed allows you to win either right to left or left to right. The last option is combination which wins by matching any number.

Lucky 5

This game allows you to choose five numbers for only $2. If you match all 5 numbers you will win that draws jackpot. This game is slightly different in structure than others offer by Hoosier Lottery. When you purchase a ticket you will receive 3 lines of five numbers. You will be able to choose between 1-50 different numbers for your first line and the other two lines will be randomly chosen for by the lottery terminal. The draws are held every Tuesday and Friday evenings and have multiple chances for you to win.

Single Line wins
5 matches on line 2 wins $200,000
5 matches total on all 3 lines combined wins $25
Combination wins
3 matches on Line 2 wins $10
6 matches on all 3 lines combined wins $50

Where Does the Money Go

Indiana Lottery is a significant contributor to state wide projects and plans. With each $ ticket sold the lottery gives 27¢ back to the state as profit. This goes towards educational and housing projects along with other publicly funded developments. Also to note that with that same $1, 60¢ goes back to players in the form of prizes and jackpots which is why most of the state-wide jackpots can grow as large as they do.

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