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The State Of Kansas first opened the lottery back in 1986 with a 64% vote of approval amending the then current constitution. Although it was approved in 1986 it was almost a year later before the first ticket went on sale in 21 cities. Within the first week ticket sales totalled over $7 million with the introduction of the Up and Away game. During the last 30 years the Kansas Lottery has sold over $982 million in ticket sales and is the one of the many significant contributors to the state fund which helps with community projects such as education and housing.

They are also a proud contributor to the veterans' programs and National Guard scholarships with a donation of $913,138 during the 2007 fiscal year.

The Kansas Lottery sells a wide range of scratch tickets each with their own unique theme and prizes. All of the lottery tickets sell for $1, $2, $5, $10 and $20 and include various online games. As of to date you can find more than 1,900 supporting lottery retailers across the stats of Kansas.

Kansas Hold’em

This is one of the newest online games recently introduced by the Kansas Lottery and since initial launch has become quite popular. Tickets are available for just $2 with a top prize of $2,000. Kansas Holdem is played much like your Texas Holdem poker online except in a lottery format. Players select the amount they wish to wager with the minimum wager set at $2 along with how many draws you would like to play. The lottery terminal will than print your ticket which contains two cards. You can than watch the Kansas Holdem monitor which is located in each participating lottery dealer for the community cards and 3 virtual players’ cards. Simply make the best 5 Card poker hand using the community cards and at least one of your cards on your ticket to win.

What makes this game so exciting is there is a new draw every 4 minutes from 5:06 a.m. until 1:54 a.m giving you plenty of opportunities to win throughout the day. The highest paying hand is the Royal Flush and with a $2 wager you could win $2000. All ticket sales for Kansas Holdem are played as quick picks and tickets are not able to be cancelled once printed.

Daily Keno

Kansas Lottery offered Keno each and every day except Sundays. This game awards a top jackpot of $300,000 by matching all 10 numbers drawn, however Keno allows you to play between 3 – 10 numbers and wagers from $1,$2, $3, $4, or $5.

You can fill out one of the play slips which are located at all lottery retailers or have our numbers randomly generated for you from the lottery terminal. When filling out the slip you can choose your numbers between 1 though 80 and the amount of games you wish to play. With Daily keno you can play up to 100 games on one ticket.

Bull’s-eye option is available at the same cost as your Keno ticket and gives you more chances to win additional prizes. If you choose to play the bulls-eye your wager amount is doubled and the top prize winning with the bull’s-eye is $200,000.

Super Kansas Cash

The Super Kansas Cash is a remake of the popular online game Kansas Cash with the only difference being you get to play two games for the price of one. Tickets are available for a cost of $1 and provide you with two lines of five numbers. The game is available every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday with numbers randomly drawn from 1 through 32. There will also be a bonus number drawn, the “Super Cashball”. The Super Cashball number is selected from numbers 1 – 25 only. If you are lucky enough to match all six numbers including the Super Cashball you will win that drawings jackpot. The Super Kansas Cash jackpot always starts at $100,000 and grow each time the lottery is not won.

The Super Kansas Cash lottery is payable in one lump sum to all jackpot winners.


2by2 is another new edition to the Kansas Lottery line-up and offers players eight chances to win a prize of up to $20,000. Even better is the odds in this game at winning any prize is one of the lowest with a win ration of 1:3.59. To play simply choose how many boards you want to wager on with each ticket offering up to five boards. The cost per board is only $1. You will than choose two sets of numbers between 1 and 26. If you match the four numbers on a board you will win the jackpot. This game is available daily except on Sundays.

Hot Lotto

Hot Lotto is one of the Kansas Lotteries top performing online games with a jackpot starting at $1 million and the possibility of tripling your winning prize by play the sizzler, this online game has been breaking records since it was first introduced.

Each Hot Lotto ticket costs $1 per board with each board containing two sets of numbers from 1 to 39. The second set of numbers is from 1 to 19. To play you must choose your first five numbers from 1 to 39 and one number for the hot LottoBall from numbers 1 through 19. You can than opt in for the Sizzler which doubles all prizes won on each ticket but also doubles your wager on each board. Simply match all six numbers on your ticket for a top prize of the Hot Lotto jackpot. The only time the Sizzler will not be eligible for additional winnings is when a player wins the jackpot.

The Kansas lottery continues to update their games and recently launched a new scratch ticket in late 2007. The $20 Golden millions games is the first of its kind to offers a $100,000 jackpot and boasts over $4 million in prizes ranging from $20 to the top prize of $100,000. During its first month in sales one lucky player hit the jackpot making him Kansas Lotteries’ first big winner.

Lottery tickets can be redeemed at any participating retailer however prizes of $599 - $5000 must be claimed in person at the Great Bend regional Lottery office or the Kansas Lottery headquarters in Topeka. Any prizes over $5000 must be claimed at the Kansas Lottery office by submitting a form in person or through mail. You can download a claim form by going to the lottery website.

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