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The Louisiana Lottery

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The Louisiana Lottery was passed in Legislature in 1990 creating the state lottery Act 1045. The state felt that enabling a lottery would be a way to generate revenue without having to increase taxes to help raise funds for some of the projects that could use some more assistance from the government. In 1991, the first ticket went on sale which was a success from day one, with total sales exceeding any predictions.

In 1990 voters helped pass a constitutional amendment by a 69% margin whereby all revenue would be granted to the Minimum Foundation Program which helps fund public education within the state.

Today, the Louisiana Lottery gives back more than half of the revenue generated from ticket sales back in the form of prizes for players. Any prizes that have gone unclaimed are given back to players in the form of increased payouts for scratch offs. In total more than $2.6 billion dollars has been awarded to players since the lottery first started.

The Louisiana lottery gives 35% of all lottery revenues to the state to be used for the Minimum Foundation. Prior to doing this the first $500,000 in annual lottery proceeds is used towards helping those with problem gambling. The Louisiana Lottery ranks 4th among the US states in percentage of revenue provided to the government.

Five Numbers

Five Numbers is an online game where the jackpot always starts at $50,000 and will grow until someone has been declared the winner. The game is available to play ever Wednesday and Saturday evening.

To play you will need to choose five numbers from 1 through 37 with the choice to play up to five games per ticket with each game costing $1. You can also purchase a bonus game called the ezmatch for an additional $1 which gives you a second chance to win more prizes. The ezmatch games top prize consists of $250. To win the jackpot you will need to match all five numbers on our ticket with the numbers drawn.


The Lotto game began in early 1992 and was one of the original jackpot games for the players of Louisiana. It provides a guaranteed $250,000 jackpot which will grow each time a winner has not won that evenings draw.
The Louisiana Lotto game allows you to choose six numbers from 1 through 40, and you can play up to five games per ticket with the ability to play your games weeks in advance. To win the jackpot you will need to match all six of your numbers printed on your ticket to the six numbers drawn. Your odds of winning a prize are 1 in 30 with an average payout structure of matching 5 or 4 numbers ranging from $2,000 to $50 depending upon that night’s jackpot. Draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday nights.

Pick 3

Pick 3 is Louisiana’s Lottery’s daily numbers game which gives players the opportunity to determine how they want to play their tickets and how much they wish to bet on their numbers. The top prize based on a $1 wager is $500.

To play you will need to select 3 numbers from 1 through 9. You will than need to decide how much you wish to wager and how you would like to play your bets. The minimum wager for a Pick 3 ticket is $0.50, which increases to $1, $2, $3, $4, with a maximum wager of $5 per bet.

You will then need to decide how you want your best placed with four different formats.

Straight - Match your all three of your numbers in exact order.
Box - Match your three numbers in any order to win.
Straight/Boxed - Combines a 50-cent straight play and a 50-cent box play on a single play. Straight/Boxed tickets have a minimum $1 wager
Combo - Equal to 3 or 6 Straight plays. The cost of your ticket will be multiplied by 3 based on the amount wagered. As an example if you wager $0.50 your ticket will actually cost you $1.50

Pick 4

Pick 4 works the same way as the Pick 3 and is another daily numbers game available for Louisiana players. The only difference between the two is you will need to choose four numbers and the jackpot is much bigger than that of the Pick 3. You will still have the same wagering options as the Pick 3 and bets start at $0.50 a ticket up to $5.

Second Chance Drawings

Second Chance Drawings is a new game giving players who did not win an instant prize on a scratch ticket the chance to send those non winners in for additional prizes. The prizes are determined based on a draw so you will need to make sure the back of your scratch off ticket is filled out with your name, address and phone number. Tickets can be mailed to the Louisiana Lottery Headquarters in Baton Rouge.

Louisiana has five regional offices where players can claim their prizes. These offices are located in New Orleans, Lafayette, Alexandria, Monroe and Shreveport. You can also mail your ticket along with the completed claim form found on the Louisiana Lottery Website to;

Louisiana Lottery Corporation
Attn: Prize Validations
P.O. Box 90010
Baton Rouge, LA 70879-0010

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