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The New Massachusetts Lottery

All About the Massachusetts Lottery

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The Massachusetts State Lottery was created in 1971 to help offset lack of revenue among the states cities and towns. The Lottery Commission is made up of five members who oversee daily operations along with creating new games for players. All revenue generated from the sale of lottery tickets is provided to the State General Fund to help with education, fire, police, public transportation and other areas of need.

In addition to the online games, the Massachusetts Lottery operates Bingo Halls within the state. Bingo was banned within Massachusetts during the 1940’s and it wasn’t until almost 30 years later that the state re-legalized it with regulations handed over to the Department of Public Safety. In 1973, the Massachusetts Lottery Commission took over Bingo. A year later Chapter 219 of the Acts of 1977 allowed the Massachusetts Lottery to collect the 5% Bingo tax where three fifths are now distributed to the state General Fund.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions is one of the biggest sellers in the state of Massachusetts next to the Powerball. It is a progressive jackpot; with a guaranteed prize of $1,000,000 every draw. If there is no winner during that draw, then the prize will increase until there is.

To play Mega Millions simply choose five numbers from 1 through 56 along with an additional number which is your Megaball. The Megaball increases your chance of winning a secondary prize on top of the jackpot. Each Mega Millions ticket sells for $1. This is a multi-state jackpot game which means the progressive jackpot can grow very quickly since so many players are able to participate.

Cash Winfall

Cash Winfall is another progressive jackpot whereby the prize rolls over to the next draw if no one has declared a winning ticket. This game is slightly different since there is a cap put on how high the jackpot can reach if no winners have been declared. Once the jackpot reaches the two million mark, the Massachusetts Lottery rolls the prize pool back down to the third level prize and continues from there.

To play the Cash Winfall you will need to choose six numbers from 1 through 46, or you can ask the store clerk for a quick pick. A quick pick is a randomly generated ticket printed from the lottery terminal. To win the jackpot you will need to match all six numbers on your ticket with the numbers drawn. Match five out of the six numbers and you can win a secondary prize of $4,000. Even if you only match two numbers you will still receive a free ticket for the next draw.

Mass Cash

Mass Cash is another numbers game offered by the Massachusetts Lottery with a guaranteed jackpot of $100,000. To play the Mass Cash you can select five numbers from 1 through 35 or opt for a quick pic. Each game costs $1 and players can choose to play up to five lines on one ticket. There are five prizes available to be won with the top prize of $100,000 awarded by matching all five numbers on your ticket with the five numbers during that evening’s draw date.

The Daily Race Game

The Daily Race Game is an instant online game where you will be wagering on a virtual horse race. To play you will need to choose how many horses you would like to bet on. You can select this yourself by filling in a play slip or ask the store for a quick pick and have your horses picked for you. Then you will need to choose the type of bet you would like to make along with the amount you would like to wager. The types of bets are the exact same as a real live horse race. Wagers start as low as $0.50 followed by $1, $2, and $5. You can choose to bet on multiple races at a time or individually. Your ticket price will be based on a few variables – the amount you wagered x the numbers of races you will be playing.

Once your ticket has been printed you will be able to watch the monitor to see if you have won, and if so you can cash your ticket immediately as long as it does not exceed $600. If the ticket wins $601 or more you will need to fill out a lottery claim form.

Types of bets for Daily Race Game based on a $0.50 wager

  • Win – odds are 1:12 with a payout of $4.00
  • Place- odds are 1:6 with a payout of $2.00
  • Show – Odds are 1:4 with payout of $1.00
  • First 2 Any Order – Odds are 1:66 with payout of $22.50.
  • First 2 Exact Oder – Odds are 1:132 with payout of $45.00.
  • First 3 Any Order – Odds are 1:220 with payout of $75.00.
  • First 3 Exact Order – Odds are 1:1320 with a payout of $450.

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