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The Montana Lottery was established in 1986 with an overwhelming 69% approval rating throughout 56 counties. This made the Montana Lottery the 23rd lottery created within the United States. With the go ahead for the state lottery the state representatives voted to have the lottery funds distributed into the Teachers Retirement Fund to which later was decided it would be directed to the State General’s Fund where it now resides. This has helped the state in controlling property taxes and keeping them affordable for the people of Montana and fund programs that do not receive regular funding such as education, health along with public services like public transit.

The Montana Lottery’s mission statement is to “maximize the transfer of its net revenue to the state's General Fund by providing products that meet the expectations of consumers and the state of Montana while adhering to the highest standards of security and integrity, which is critical to maintaining public confidence in the agency and its products”. The lottery has done this by providing the state with over $141 million to the State Generals Fund.

Montana Cash

Montana Cash is the Montana Lottery’s progressive online game with a guaranteed $100,000 jackpot which will continue to grow until it is won. Tickets can be purchases at any retailer who supports the Montana Lottery at a cost of $1 which will give you two play lines. You will need to choose five numbers from 1 through 31 and a Wild Card. The wild Card is your bonus number which is based on a deck of playing cards so you will see a number and suit for the wild Card. To win the jackpot you will need to match all five numbers are the Wild Card. Draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

Qwik Tix

Qwik Tix is a new online game that offers something slightly different than the standard lottery game. It is a combination between your regular scratch offs, online game and casino games rolled into one. The Montana Lottery offers four Qwik Tix games for you to choose from. They are instant win tickets printed directly from the lottery terminal. When you order an instant win ticket you will know as soon as you receive it if you have won. Each ticket is valued at a cost of $2 with two plays available on each ticket. Players should not that once a Qwik Tix has been purchased it cannot be cancelled and ust be bought.

Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers is part of the Qwik Tix games and is available for a cost of $2 per ticket with two plays found on each ticket. Each ticket consists of two Qwik Plays numbers and five Lucky Numbers from 1 through 9. Match one or more Qwik Numbers to the Lucky Numbers and win the prize associated. You will know what you have won immediately since each Lucky Number will be associated with a dollar amount visible on the ticket


Hot-Tac-Toe is another game on the Qwik Tix series and is available for $2 with two plays provided on each ticket. This game resembles the typical Tic Tac Toe games with X’s and O’s present on the ticket. To play you will receive a random generated ticket from the lottery terminal. If you get three X’s or three O’s in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal like you will win the prize designated for that line.

Jacks Or Better

Jacks or Better costs $2 and is an instant win online game. This game consists of a five card poker handmade of up 13 playing cards of the same suit. If your ticket has a pair of Jacks or Better you are an instant winner. If you have a pair or anything stronger than a pair you will win the prize that is printed on your ticket.

Montana Match

The Montana Match is the fourth game available in the Qwik Tix series and is available for $2 with two games available on each ticket. Each Montana Match game consists of eight symbols in two rows of four. These are labelled as “Your Symbols”. Match three identical symbols, from the eight provided for you and you will win the prize marked on your lottery ticket.

The Qwik Tix games are instant win games, which means winning tickets can be redeemed instantly at any lottery retailer.

To claim a winning ticket players can download a claim form from the Montana Lottery website and mail it to;

Montana Lottery Prize Payments

P O Box 6073
Helena MT 59604-6073

Or if you would like to visit the lottery in person you can do so. Both the mail and lottery headquarters requires you to bring your social security number along with photo identification.

Lottery headquarters is located at 2525 North Montana Avenue in Helena.

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