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The Lottery in New York

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New York State is quite well known for its high Lotto and Mega Million jackpots. These generous jackpots are estimated on projected ticket sales before the drawing actually takes place.

Experts at the New York Lottery Commission predict how much a lottery jackpot will be worth in advance by taking into account many factors. These include competing large jackpots, past trends, weather, bank rates, the state of the stock exchange, elections, the season and how distracted customers are by terrorism and other current events. If a jackpot is not won during a draw then the amount of money is “rolled over” and added to the next drawing’s jackpots.

The fact that the state’s signature lottery boasts millions of players and that many of the drawings go without a winner thus allowing for a rollover to the next draw is exactly how the New York Lottery jackpots become enormous.

New York Lottery GamesLike many states, the revenue that is garnered from New York lotteries goes to support education in that state. In New York’s case, 50% of its winnings are allocated to prizes with about 30% of it going to facilitate education, which is about average for a state lottery. Also as in other states, this money that goes to education is intended to supplement and not substitute for the taxes residents currently pay to support schools and educational programs.

The New York Lottery also offers excellent odds for players, especially when it comes to its instant games. The odds of winning any prize in an Instant Game in New York State are quite good at approximately 1 in 5.

Scratch and Win Games

The New York Lottery introduces at least two new Instant Scratch-Off Games a month. Depending on what game you are playing the price of the scratch off ticker ranges from one to ten dollars. Two of the most successful instant games in the New York Lottery’s Scratch-Off Ticket history have included King Kong and Set For Life. King Kong boasted a top prize of $8 million (an incredibly large jackpot for a scratch and win instant lotto game) and Set For life which pays the winner $5000 a week for life (although technically the actual winnings are issued in one annuity check per year and not once a week.)

For an updated list of the scratch and win games that are being offered by the New York Lottery at any time visit the lottery’s website. Scratch-off games are changed, renewed and created quite rapidly in this state.

New York State also has several extremely popular online lottery style games including Lotto, Mega Millions and Take 5.

The state’s signature New York Lotto is a six number lotto that requires the player to pick six numbers between 1 and 59. It is a very inexpensive lottery with each play being only 50 cents each but the minimum play is $1. This means that when you buy a ticket you must play two game panels at .50 each or your ticket is ineligible.

You can also buy a placard that allows you to play ten panels for $5. The results of the live drawings for the New York Lotto televised on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11:21 p.m. on New York’s local television station -- Channel 7 WABC.

The odds of winning first prize in the New York Lottery are 1 in 45,057,474. The largest Lotto jackpot paid out in this lottery has so far been $58 million to an unnamed solo player.

Mega Millions

The New York Lottery also offers Mega Millions as a gaming option to the citizens of the state. Mega Millions is a five number game that must be selected from a list of numbers between 1 and 56. An additional bonus number, called the Mega Ball number must also be selected from a second list of numbers between 1 and 46. You can choose these numbers on slip marked with panels that you mark off or you can let a computer do the work for you and provide you with a Quick Pick Ticket. Either way Mega Millions will cost you $1 per play. Live drawings of this lottery are broadcast every Tuesday and Friday at 11:00 pm on WABC Channel 7.

Take Five

Yet another game offered by the New York Lottery is Take Five. This is a daily lottery, which requires the selection of five numbers from a panel of numbers that are listed 1 through to 39. This lottery ticket also costs $1 per play or you can pay $5 to play five plays at once on a single card. The winning numbers of Take 5 are broadcast on live television every night at 11:21 pm on WABC Channel 7, as well.

Fifty percent of the Take Five Jackpot is allocated to the public as prize money. The largest Take Five jackpot ever won was $825,960.00. Experts say that Take Five has the best odds of winning first prize of all of the New York Lottery Games as odds of winning first prize are relatively good -- approximately 1 in 575,757.

Other New York Lottery Games

Other New York Lottery games that are offered by the state on and off throughout the years include Win 4 (a game where you pick four numbers to win a daily prize), Quick Draw (a daily Quick Pick style game) and Pick 10 (a Keno style game that requires you to pick ten numbers and manipulate them to win various prize amounts for clever plays.) You can also get frequently updated New York lottery results from here.

The New York Lottery is a volatile and innovative organization that is constantly creating new gaming products for its customers (games can change monthly).

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