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The North Carolina Lottery

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The North Carolina Lottery wasn’t established until 2005, when then Gov. Mike Easley signed the bills for the North Carolina State Lottery Act and the 2005 Appropriations Act which created the North Carolina Education Lottery. Unlike other lotteries the NC Lottery contributes 100% of the proceeds in the Education Lottery will be spent on educational expenses including academic programs, scholarships, and classroom tools among other things.

The North Carolina Lottery offers online games, instant scratch and win games with a minimum of 50% of these ticket sales going back into prizes. Along with this 35% of these sales is directed toward the Education Lottery Fund. State Lottery Act prescribes the following guidelines as to how each lottery dollar will be spent.

Carolina Cash 5

Carolina Cash 5 is an online game available daily with up to a top prize starting at $50,000. This jackpot will continue to increase each drawn where a winner has not been declared. The Carolina Cash 5 game is available for $1 and to play you will need to choose five numbers from 1 through 39.

To win the Carolina Cash5 you only have to match 2, 3, or 4 numbers for the consolation prize. If you match all 5 numbers you are a jackpot winner.

Pick 3

Pick3 is available daily with two draws held, one during the afternoon and the other in the evenings. The Pick3 game costs as little as a $1 and you can win up to $500 each day. To play you will need to choose three numbers between 000 through 999. You will then need to choose how you want those numbers to be played. There are three options in the Pick3, Exact Order Any Order and 50/50.

The exact order means your numbers must match the winning numbers drawn in the same order as they were drawn. Any order gives you more leniency by letting you match the numbers drawn in any order whereas the 50/50 combo lets you combine exact order and any order play.

You can also order a 3-Way ticket or a 6-Way ticket. A 3-Way means that you have selected a number where two digits are the same. To win you will only have three different ways to win on your ticket. An example of a three way ticket would be 366. This ticket can only win with 366 – 663 – 636

6-Way means that you have chosen a number that has 3 unique digits. A 3-Way combination has a larger payout with greater odds.

Scratchers are North Carolina’s instant win ticket. They range in prices from $1 right up to $10 and offer some incredible jackpots. The fun part about these games is you never have to wait for a draw and there is always a new game released almost every month. The largest game on sale right now is the ‘$100 Million Dollar Cash’. Simply scratch and match any of your numbers to the winning numbers and win the prize stated on the ticket. If you are lucky to uncover a star symbol you win all 15 prizes shown on the ticket.

From time to time the North Carolina Lottery offers special promotions for their players. These include raffles as well as attending community events like basketball games. To stay up to date with all promotions offered they have a player’s club set up on the lottery website. This will allow you to keep informed as well as receive the recent lotto numbers in your email inbox.

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