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The Ohio Lottery

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The motto of the Ohio Lottery is the matter-of-fact “odds are you’ll have fun”. It should have been nicknamed “The Scratch n Win State”. Ohio currently offers more Scratch-Off games than any other state in the Union.

The Ohio "Scratch and Win" Litany

Ohio offers an astounding 5 games in the ten to twenty dollar range, sixteen five dollar games, 19 two and three dollar games and 12 one dollar games. These scratch-off games have also raised a substantial amount of money for the state’s educational services. Since 1974, the Lottery has provided more than $14.5 billion to public education, which represents about 4.5 percent of the state’s total funding needs for the cause.

Ohio Lottery GamesThe Ohio Lottery Commission was created in May 1973 and the first lottery tickets in Ohio went on sale in August 1974. Today, the Ohio Lottery Commission offers customers an absolutely stunning variety of instant games, which can be purchased at about 8,900 vendors across the state.

The One Dollar Scratch-Offs

The one dollar games take on a variety of formats including parodies of familiar card games such as Deuces Wild, Blackjack Doubler and Wild 7. Most of these are games that just ask you to match pairs or triplets of images.

Other interesting game formats in the one dollar price range include It’s A Hit, in which you scratch out a baseball score that beats your opponent’s score and Doubling Dollars that enables you to win double the prize if you reveal an additional special symbol. The payouts are quite generous for the one dollar investment.

Doubling Dollars is the play card with the highest potential payout of $5000, while the rest of the games in this category boast a top prize between $500 and $1500.

Other Scratch and Win Options

There are a wide variety of $2 and $3 games offered by the Ohio Lottery Commission. There are two games that double or triple the prize automatically if you uncover a special word or symbol: Doubling Star Cashword and Fat Cat Tripler.

There are also several games based on familiar casino games, such as cards and Bingo. These include Cash Roulette, Lucky 7’s Bingo, Lucky Roll and Variety Bingo Tripler. The scratch and win games with the highest payouts at this price are Pac Man Mania and
Variety Triple Bingo, which has a top prize amounts of $30,000 each.

The other games in the two to three dollar category range from $10,000 to $25,000.

The Five Dollar Scratch-Offs

Among the Scratch n' Win State’s five dollar Scratch n’ Win lottery tickets are parodies of popular games such as Monopoly, Texas Hold ‘em, Bingo and Blackjack. There are also many games that give you a lot of gaming and winning options on one card.

For instance, the Ultimate Harley Davidson card gives you the opportunity to win up to 15 times on one card and gives you a chance at a jackpot that is $150,000. The largest jackpot offered in the five dollar category of tickets is the $250,000 jackpots, offered by both the Lucky Red Ten and Ruby Red 7’s scratch and win tickets.

The Ten Dollar Scratch-Offs

The three ten dollar games offered by the state of Ohio are $200 Million Cash Spectacular that pays one hundred thousand a year over twenty years, the $300 Million Extravaganza that pays $100,000 paid over twenty years, and Lucky Millions which pays a lump sum of a million dollars as a grand prize.

The two twenty dollar games are called Bonus Millions and Ohio Millionaire. Bonus Millions has a payout of $100,000 a year paid over twenty years and Ohio Millionaire pays out at $250,000 a year for thirty years. As is true also of the scratch and win games that cost ten bucks each, these games are pretty straightforward and contain three or four match two or match three symbols type games on one ticket.

All of the games in the ten and twenty dollar categories of scratch and win placards in the Ohio Lottery also give their winners the option of receiving approximately half the promised jackpot in one lump sum payment.

Entertainment Value

In general the scratch and win cards that are offered in Ohio State are well designed. Many are humorous, and give you quite a bit of gaming for the bucks that you spend on them. And many of the games offer fairly good odds. Furthermore, some wit and effort seems to be put into the actual design of the scratch and win tickets issued in Ohio State.

Ohio State does not have an online lotto style lottery, but it does administer bingo licensing and gaming from its office of Charitable gaming. This office makes sure that at least 50% of monies earned from bingo ticket sales and admissions goes to support the state’s educational fund directives. In the past, the Ohio Lottery commission recognized only charitable organizations and has issued over 200,000 licenses in the past to companies and businesses that wish to have a bingo license to use for charitable gaming purposes. You can find current Ohio lottery results here too.

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