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If you don’t like receiving lots of spam then don’t play the free online lotteries. Free online lotteries are entities created by marketing and information gathering experts that sell personal information (particularly email addresses) to various businesses and organizations. Basically, they are used to collect the email addresses of potential customers.

The lottery will inform you that you will be notified by email if you win the jackpot. Real lotteries never notify a winner by email. Prizes are usually doled out by registered mail, phone or in person.

There are hundreds of free online lotteries online. The problem is that these are not affiliated with any government regulated commission or association. There is no guarantee that the lottery is not run by crooks nor is there even a guarantee that there is a prize.

Online Lottery GamesThe organizers of the lottery will inevitably tell you that their sponsors put up the money for the gigantic jackpots often offered on these free online sites. Most of the jackpots offered are in the hundreds of thousands of dollar range and the jackpot is supposedly awarded weekly.

Those who look closely can see that there is probably no way that a lottery can support itself in this manner and that the sponsors could buy countless email lists and all kinds of advertising with $300,000 a week. However the sponsors supposedly rotate so that these jackpots, which are ostensibly fixed jackpots, are readily available to the player who coughs up an email address in return for a chance to win.

Playing free online lotteries is relatively simple. You can find enormous lists of them on the Internet and pick and choose which one you would like to play as you please. Usually these lotteries are Pick 6, Pick 5 or Pick 3 type lotteries.

How Free Online Lotteries Work

The first thing you are asked for when you enter one of these sites is your email address. Once you give that up you are then usually presented with an online form of some kind that allows you to select your potentially winning lottery numbers by pointing and clicking your mouse on a list of numbers or by entering the numbers in a box. Many of these forms have some kind of “remove” or “erase” function that allows you to change your numbers if you change your mind about which ones are best to choose.

After you are done filling in the form that allows you to pick your numbers, you will then be asked to submit your form. The next page you see is usually a verification page with a jumble of letters and numbers to enter into a blank. This step in the submission process supposedly helps prevent automated free ticket fraud.

Depending on which site you are playing on, you may also be allowed to submit more tickets. For instance allows you to submit as many free tickets as you like to their weekly draw of $300,000.

Usually, somewhere on the site you will be informed of when the numbers will be picked. A good free lotto site will give you the exact date and time of their draws. Typically you will be emailed the winning numbers for every draw.

Beware of the State Affiliation Scam

Free online lotteries will also try to convince you of their credibility by using manipulative language that might have you believe that they are affiliated with a state lottery commission. Usually you will read a statement such as “our numbers are drawn every Wednesday by the State of New York’s Wednesday night lottery drawing.”

This implies that the lottery is run by the State of New York but what the statement really means is that they use the same random number generator and other administrative services as the State Lottery to run their business.

Keep in mind that if you are playing a free lottery then you are not playing a legitimate state run lottery.

Legitimate lotteries in both the United States and Canada charge for their tickets to give money to good causes. Free online lotteries don’t charge you, but they do make quite a profit distributing your email address to other companies for marketing purposes.

Nothing Risked, Nothing Earned

You should also be aware that your chances of winning a grand prize are next to nil. In fact, on most free lotto sites you can find this out simply by reading their "About Us" or "FAQ" section.

For instance, on the iwinweekly site they inform players that their insurance company pays for the grand prize if anyone should chance to hit it. So far it has not happened. However, most sites do publish a list of winners but oddly also do not post the amounts of money they have won.

This may be because the payouts are so lousy if you do not hit all of the numbers at once. For instance, if you hit 4 numbers you only get three bucks plus 6 tickets on most free lottos, which is not very gratifying for getting the winning number to be so close.

By the way, this is the best and most legitimate site for online lottery games.

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