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The Lottery in Oregon

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In 1984 the people in the state of Oregon voted two to one on a bill that would allow the state to create the first ever lottery. The lottery to provide the state with the extra funding needed to implement projects that otherwise would not have seen the extra funding that it did. These things included park, salmon restoration, community centers and of course public schools. When the Constitutional amendment was changed in 1995, Oregonians decided they wanted the funds to be disbursed through the state where it was needed most.

With each dollar generated from the sale of a lottery games in the state of Oregon, 96 cents goes back in the form of prizes. Other games such as Scratch Offs , MegaBucks and Powerball tickets see an average of 66 cents being returned for prizes.

Over the last 30 years the Oregon Lottery has created over 200 MegaBucks millionaires, 263 Oregon Powerball players who have won up to $200,000 and they average 35,000 Keno winners each day.


Breakopens are one of the simplest forms of lottery games available. Tickets can be purchased at most stores that are supporters of the Oregon Lottery for as low as $0.50. These games are one of the many essential forms of revenue for not-for-profit organizations since all monies earned through the sale of Breakopens is given directly to the charity supported.

To play these games simply ask the cashier for a fixed amount of tickets then break the perforated tabs to see if you won.

Oregon began selling Breakopens back in 1987 at which time only 37 locations in three counties carried the games. Through the immediate success they then expanded those to a state-wide lottery game with over 30 various games available by the following year. In 1991 they held the first ever Breakopen tournaments where players would race to see who could open tickets the fastest and win the most amount of money. During the tournament they awarded two players with brand new cars.


Keno tickets first went on sale back in Sept of ’91 and have since been a hit among players. At that time there were only 1,245 lottery retailers and since then this has expanded into a state-wide game.

To play you will need to choose a wager from $1,$2, $3, $4, or $5 and then wager on how many numbers you would like to play. In Keno you can play just three numbers or if you want to increase your prize you can choose up to 10 numbers per game. Your numbers will be selected between 1 and 80. To win simply match your numbers during that draw with the top prize of $200,000 available by matching all ten numbers.

Keno is available weekly from Monday through Saturday.


Scratch-Its is Oregon’s instant win ticket where you literally scratch the ticket to become an instant winner. The first scratch tickets went on sale in 1985 when the game “Pot of Gold” was released. This game offered a $10,000 jackpot which was quite substantial back in the day. Today’s games offer much more with some as high as $1,000,000 jackpots and range from $1 up to $20 each ticket. Currently, Oregon has over 30 various games in circulation each with a different theme and jackpots.

Lucky Lines

Lucky Lines is an online game featuring a tic-tac-toe theme with a progressive jackpot starting at $10,000 and increasing until it is won. Each game costs just $2 and is available daily. To play simply fill out a play slip located at any lottery retailer and choose how many games you wish to play. You will then need to choose one of four numbers from each of the eight squares. If you don’t want to choose your own numbers you can ask the clerk for a quick pick and have the lottery terminal randomly select these for you.

To win Lucky Lines, you will need to match your numbers with the numbers drawn by the lottery in either a vertical, horizontal, diagonal or combination line and you win. It is played just like tic-tac-toe. In total there are eight different ways to win on each ticket and if you are lucky enough to match all eight squares you win the progressive jackpot.

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