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The South Carolina Lottery wasn’t established until early 2002 and since then has been determined to make the lottery a success. The slogan on their website says “The South Carolina Education Lottery” and they have become just that.
Since the first ticket was sold the SC Lottery has had revenue totalling over $988 million dollars in sales and contributing over $1.46 billion which is a significant amount for such a young company. They have become an industry leader with a per capita transfer of lottery proceeds that outweighs all other states. This is based on the amount they have transferred to their education plan divided among the state population.

This will allow them to continue to provide gaming which in turn supports state-wide projects especially those for education. On the lottery website thy have a mission statement which stats “to enhance educational funding in South Carolina through the fun and entertaining games and products we offer to adults.”

The South Carolina lottery offers a range of online games including the Powerball along with scratch tickets. One of their biggest sellers is the Palmetto Cash 5 with its bonus multiplier this game defiantly adds some more sizzle to your basic lotto game.

Pick 3

Pick 3 is offered by the South Carolina Lottery and is the simplest game to play. It’s held twice a day 7 days a week and only costs $1 to play. Simply fill out a play slip and choose three numbers from 000-999. You will than need to select how you want to play with four different games to choose from. Players can opt for a straight, boxed, straight/box, and a combo ticket.

  • To win the top prize of $500 on a $1 wager you must match your ticket exactly as the numbers drawn in the same order.
  • A boxed ticket allows you to match the numbers in any direction
  • A straight/box allows you to match in the exact order or any order
  • The combo ticket will win when you match your ticket with either the first two numbers or last two numbers.
  • Palmetto Cash 5

    The Palmetto Cash 5 is a very unique game. It’s played just like other online games with four ways to win up to $100,000. To play you will need to choose five different numbers from 1 through 38. Each set of numbers will cost you $1. Once your numbers are selected you will be given the choice of purchasing the Power-Up. The Power-up number is drawn after the Cash5 numbers are drawn and what makes this so much fun is it’s a multiplier bonus. This means that your winning ticket can be multiplied 2, 3, 4, or 5 times. The Power-Up bonus costs only $1 to play and the Palmetto Cash5 is available Monday to Friday.


    The South Carolina Lottery offers a wide range of scratch offs also known as scratch tickets with various prices. You can purchase them at any lottery retailer from $1 right up to $30. These games have been created with huge jackpots and entertainment in mind. These instant win tickets feature various themes from popular television shows such as Deal or No Deal to the classic Bingo. Currently the most popular game on sale is the 20 Year Bonus, mainly due to winning a jackpot of $50,000 a year for 20 years.

    20 Year Bonus

    The 20 year bonus is available at a cost of$20 and is an instant win ticket with odds of 1 in 3. To play, simply scratch of your numbers and match them to any of the winning numbers. If the two numbers match then your ticket is an instant winner. If you reveal a star symbol your prize will be multiplied by 10. The top prize is $1,000,000 which is paid out over a 20 year period or players can take a lump sum payment of $600,000.

    What if my ticket is a non winner?

    If your scratch ticket is a losing ticket, don’t throw it in the garbage. In an effort to protect the environment the South Carolina Lottery runs a monthly promotion called the “Clean Sweep Second Chance Drawing”. This is a monthly draw for $100 and to enter simply mail 10 losing instant win tickets to the South Carolina Lottery. There will be 100 prizes available each month and each entry is good for one month only.

    To claim a prize of $500 or more, players must go to the lottery headquarters in person with valid ID. The South Carolina Lottery has four lottery centers across the state with address and phone numbers available on the lottery website. If your ticket is less than $500 you can either redeem it at any lottery retailer or mail it to;

    SC Education Lottery PO Box 11039 Columbia, SC 29211-1039

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