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The Lottery in South Dakota

All About the South Dakota Lottery

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The South Dakota Lottery was created in November, 1986 with tickets going on sale the following year with huge success. Due to the over whelming exposure and success the lottery had they were able to pay back the $1.5 million dollar start up loan they received plus interest within the first three months and still be able to award prizes to players.

The state began to study video lottery for the next two years after the lottery’s initial inception. Originally, the bill to authorize Video Lottery was dismissed due to one small but significant problem. The bill fell one vote short of approval. The Lottery commission continued their efforts to bring this game to the state, although they faced quite a few years of political battles over the game. This included a fight in the Supreme Court they were able to gain a public approval rating of 53% from state residents in 1994 initiating a constitutional amendment change to reauthorize Video Lottery.

In April 1993, South Dakota introduced their first cash lotto game the “Dakota Cash” and since then the state has joined others such as Montana and Idaho to offer players the Tri-West lottery, now known as the Wild Card2, which is a multi state game.

Since the lottery was first introduced to players they have raised more than $1.5 billion for the state general Fund. This fund provides financial support for public projects and programs for education, developing natural resources and lowering property taxes. The lottery has provided more than $1.1 billion to the Property Tax Reduction Fund which in turn has reduced local property taxes on owner-occupied land by more than 30%.

Cash Lotto Game

The South Dakota Lotto game is an online game with a jackpot of $20,000 available for South Dakota players only. Tickets can be purchased for $1 with draws held every Wednesday and Saturday night. To play simply fill out a play slip selecting five numbers from 1 to 35 or asking for a quick pick. Then watch that nights draw and if you match all five numbers on your ticket, you will win the jackpot. If you are able to match just four numbers you will win $100

Wild Card 2

Wild Card 2 is a multi-state lottery with draws tickets sold on South Dakota as well as Idaho, Montana and North Dakota. Each ticket costs $1 and gives you two boards to play. With the Wild Card 2 the jackpots always start at $100,000 and continue to climb if there are no jackpot winners in that nights draw.

To play you will need to pick five numbers from 1 through 31 as well as a Wild Card. The Wild Card is a face card in your standard playing card deck. You will choose between a Jack, Queen, King or Ace. All you have to do to win is match some or all of your numbers with four different chances on winning in each game board. If you’re lucky enough to match all five numbers plus your Wild Card you will win that night’s jackpot.

Hot Lotto

Hot Lotto is a multi-state online game and besides tickets being sold in South Dakota, players can also purchase them in Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, West Virginia and Washington, D.C. Recently the Lotteries in all 11 states added a new prize structure to the game. Now if you purchase the hot Sizzler and win your prize will be tripled. The jackpots in this game all start at $1,000,000 and will grow each night a player until someone wins the jackpot.

To play simply fill out a play slip at your local retailer and choose five numbers from 1 to 39 plus you will also need to choose your Hot Ball number which will be from 1 to 19. Each ticket costs $1 and for a $1 more you can add the Sizzler which triples your prizes on a winning ticket. To win all you need to do is match all of your five numbers with that night’s drawing along with your Hot Ball. This awards the top level prize of the progressive jackpot.

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