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Lottery Terms and Definitions

Gambling Games at Golden CasinoBonus Ball or Bonus Number - A bonus ball or bonus number is the same thing as an additional number. An additional ball is drawn so that additional prizes can be won. If paid or paid for the player wins more.

Box Bet This type of bet enables the lotto player to win by matching the winning numbers in any order.

Cash Lotto - A cash lotto is a lottery game where winners are paid in one lump sum payment as opposed to annuity payments, which are paid out over the course of many years.

Cash Option - Lottery DictionaryThe cash option offers the winner of an annuity jackpot to settle for a cash lump sum of a lesser amount (usually 50% of the original jackpot amount) instead.
Daily Game - Daily games are lottery games where there is at least one drawing per day.

Drawing - A drawing refers to the process of choosing of the lottery numbers.

Exact Order - Exact order means that you must match the winning numbers in the exact order that they were drawn in order to collect a payout.

Fixed Payout - A fixed payout is a lottery cash prize amount that does change according to how many lottery tickets are sold.

Instant Game - Instant games are lottery games that can are immediately bought, played and redeemed within minutes of being purchase. be played, won and redeemed at the time of purchase. The most common type of instant game is the instant win scratch tickets.

Keno - Keno is a lottery game where players pick from one to ten numbers. The cash prizes vary depending on how you play these numbers.

Lottery Agent - A lottery agent is the retail outlet or vendor where lottery tickets are purchased.

Lucky Dip - Lucky dip is a nickname for the Quick Pick in which lottery numbers are randomly generated by a computer instead of selected on a play slip by the player and then verified with a receipt.

Multi-Draw - Multi Draw refers to a single ticket that is good for playing over the span of several lottery draws.

Numbers Game This is a nickname for the daily three and four digit daily lotto games that are run by most state lottery commissions.

Pairs - Pairs refers to a winning opportunity in three and four digit daily lotto games where the selected numbers match the first two numbers, the last two numbers or first and last in order to earn a cash pay-off.

Pari-Mutuel - Pari-mutuel is a slang term that describes the sharing of a pre-determined prize amount with other players who may have selected the same winning numbers. It also describes a jackpot that grows in size according to how many lottery tickets are sold.

Passive Game This refers to a lottery ticket that is bought with the numbers already printed on it the player does not select any numbers.

Payout - This is the cash prize given to a player who holds the winning combination of numbers.

Play Slip - A play slip is the card or slip of paper that lotto players must fill out with their chosen numbers in order to receive a lottery ticket.

Powerball - Powerball is a multi-state lottery game that offers cash prizes for matching an additional chosen number.

Prize Pool - A prize pool is the total amount of money that is available after taxes that can be divided among the winners in a lottery game or drawing.

Quick Pick - A Quick Pick refers to a lottery ticket that contains numbers randomly generated by a computers random number generator.

Rollover - If a jackpot is not won it is transferred to the next draw and called a rollover.

Scratch Game - A scratch game is an instant win lottery game where players buy a ticket and scratch away a thin latex film to reveal the printed prize amount.

Terminal - The lottery terminal is the computer that online lottery game tickets are printed from as well as redeemed. Winning tickets can also be checked at a lottery terminal.

Withholding - The withholding is what can be expected to be lost to taxes when a significant cash prize is won. In the United States it is 25%. For non-residents in the United States the base tax rate is 38%.

Also see NASPL's list of lottery terms and definitions.

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